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As a dog guardian, it can sometimes be difficult to navigate all the information about your dog's behaviour. We have made it point to keep ourselves current on all things dog. By doing so, we provide the most complete and up to date information to our clients. Whether you're dealing with an existing issue or want prevention, Dog Inspired is here to help!

  • Leash Reactivity

  • Resource guarding

  • House training

  • Manners

  • New puppy

  • Separation Anxiety

  • & so more much!

Our Philosophy

At Dog Inspired, we believe in a hands-off approach, meaning we do not use force, fear or intimidation when working with animals. We do not use tools such as choke, prong or shock collars and we can help you achieve your goals without them!


We say it loud and proud, we have treat pride! Using operant and classical conditioning and the principles of learning, we are able to work on anything from manners and tricks, to behaviour issues such as body handling problems, resource guarding (food/toy aggression) and stranger aggression. 




Dog training, dog obedience, puppy training and behaviour consultations in Laval, Blainville, Rosemere and surrounding areas.

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