Great dane trick dog training

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Great dane

Behaviour Video Consult Package

For fear, agression and reactivity. Does your dog bark and lunge on leash? Are they afraid of other dogs or strangers? Let's figure out what's going on and how to help them feel better.



•  An initial 60 minute consult

•  45 minute follow up consult

•  Behaviour assessment

•  Management strategies 

•  Personalized training plan and homework 


Price: $280/1.75 hours

Pregnant woman and her dog

Baby Prep Video Call Package

This package is for expecting parents, or parents with toddlers who need guidance with their dog(s) and children. 



•  2x one hour video consults

•  Creating safe spaces/management strategies

•  New schedule/routine preparations

•  Training plans/homework

•  Relevant handouts


Price: $220/2 hours


Puppy Video Call Package

New puppy parents (under 16 weeks) who need guidance in their puppy's socialization and training



•  3x one hour video consults

•  House training, biting and alone time training

•  Preventing fear and aggression 

•  Introducing important life skills

•  Relevant handouts

•  Personalized training plans/homework

•  Housetraining webinar (value of $19)
•  Puppy Training 101 Webinar


Price: $300/3 hours