Katherine Davidson, CTC, CSAT

Owner and trainer


Professional Dog Trainer

Katherine Davidson is a graduate from Jean Donaldson’s Academy For Dog Trainers (considered to be the Harvard for dog trainers), earning her Certificate in Training and Counselling(CTC). 


We believe that education is an extremely important aspect in dog training. It's so much more than the experience of "owning a dog your whole life". There needs to be a high degree of understanding about how animals learn and how they are motivated to train them effectively. With that in mind, Katherine takes each learning opportunity to gain more knowledge and experience to better her services for her clients. 

At Dog Inspired, we believe in a hands-off approach, meaning we do not use force, fear or intimidation when working with animals. We do not use tools such as choke, prong or shock collars and we can help you achieve your goals without them!


We say it loud and proud, we have treat pride! Using operant and classical conditioning and the principles of learning, we are able to work on anything from manners and tricks, to behaviour issues such as body handling problems, resource guarding (food/toy aggression) and stranger aggression. 

Seminars & Education


  • Separation Anxiety Trainer with The Learned Dog (June 2019 - Present)

  • Certificate in Separation Anxiety Training with Malena De Martini-Price (April)

  • Puppy Class Instructor at Club Canin Chomedey (September 2018 - Present)

  • Team Leader - Humane Society International Canada (HSI) (Montreal, March 2018 - April 2019)


  • Poules Academie, Chicken workshop with Jean Lessard and Yanick Dion (Raxton Falls Qc)

  • Evaluator, Montreal SPCA (Montreal, July 2018 - March 2019)

  • Emotional World of Dogs with Daniel Mills (Bensalem PA, July)

  • Behaviour and Training Workshop Pet Professionals Guild/Best Friends Animal Sanctuary (Utah, April)

  • Fear Free Certified (2018)

  • Foster family for Montreal SPCA (Xena 2013, Ronaldo 2014, Lola 2017) and Refuge Magoo (Beau 2016, Daisy 2018)


  • Graduate - The Academy for Dog Trainers with Jean Donaldson (2016-2017)

  • Educational Summit Pet Professionals Guild (Orlando, November 2017)

  • Separation Anxiety: Mission Possible with Malena De Martini-Price (Bensalem PA, April 2017)

  • Dog walking & Enrichment Volunteer, Montreal SPCA (March 2017 - November 2017)


  • "Do As I Do" with Claudia Fugazza (Dogue Shop, 2016)

  • "Inside your dog's mind" with Victoria Stilwell (Ontario, 2016)


  • 200 hour Animal Behaviour Apprenticeship with Gaby Dufresne-Cyr @ Dogue Shop in Montreal (2015)


  • Dog Walking Volunteer, Montreal SPCA (March 2013 - August 2014)

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Dog training, dog obedience, puppy training and behaviour consultations in Laval, Blainville, Rosemere and surrounding areas.

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