Behaviour Training

Whether you recently adopted a new rescue, need help with more serious behaviour issues, we can help you achieve your goals!

We can help with:

✓ Pulling on leash

✓ Generalized fear/anxiety

✓ Reactivity

✓ Resource guarding/possessiveness

✓ Shy/timid behaviour towards strangers

✓ Bringing home a new rescue

✓ Bringing home a new baby


Our Behaviour Packages

Our behaviour packages are designed to give you the support you need to help your dog. Whether your dog is fearful, a new rescue or you need help preparing for a new baby, we are here for you.


✓ Behaviour Assessment

✓ Management strategies

✓ Step-by-step training plans

✓ Case specific recommendations

✓ One month of e-mail support

Behaviour Consultations


  • 2 classes: $217

Café Arthur in Laval

  • 2 classes: $253

  • 4 classes: $435


Café Arthur

880 Bd Arthur-Sauvé, Laval, QC 

H7R 3V8, Canada