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The Online Dog Training Academy

Learn at your own pace, on your own time!

Our bestsellers

Life Skills
Puppy Behaviour
Creating good habits

Bonus: Alone time training

And more!
Price: $197
Nail Care Course
Paw Health

Bonus: Nail Care Club
Bonus: Trimming Black Nails
Scratch board 
And more!
Price: $99
House Training Webinar
Bonus: Ring a bell tutorial
Bonus: Potty Training Log

Price: $19

Effective and fun dog training programs
Online and accessible at any time!

Learn how to effectively train your dog using our video lessons, PDF homework checklists and forums. We are here to guide you, every step of the way!

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How our programs can help you:

Step By Step Training Plans

Detailed, step by step training plans that guide you through the process like a road map. Know exactly what you are doing, where you are going next and what to do it you feel stuck.

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Detailed Video Lessons

Visual examples on how to progress through the written training plans. Our courses offer short, but detailed videos on how to move through the training effectively.

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Humane and force free techniques

All training techniques used are positive reinforcement. We do not use force, pain or intimidation to train. With our courses, you will work with your dog to achieve your goals in a fun and effective manner.

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Love from our students

Roxanne + Alyx
Nail Care

I took this course over a few months as I was busy (and also procastinating let's be honest) - i like that we can access this platform anytime for a few months and come back to where we left. We also get reminders of our progress so it can give us a little push to actually complete the course. The steps and videos are very simple so we can easily apply it at home and Katherine is available to answer questions too. I like the printable easy steps with each module.

Alexa + Bella
Puppy Life Skills

This course helped us out so much with Bella! We were able to go at our own pace, and really loved having the videos to guide us, but then the printable tools, resources to use for "homework" and progress tracking. Would 100% recommend, especially with the pandemic, we loved being able to do thisall from the comfort of our home!

Kristiana + Charlie
Nail Care

The Dog Inspired nail course has been a LIFE CHANGER for my dog, Charlie. He is a reactive dog, and since having him as a puppy, has had some traumatic experiences at the groomer’s. Before this course, I couldn’t even touch his paws. Now, his tail wags when I bring out his nail file and he’s even happy when I slip on his boots, which is something that seemed impossible before. Thank you so much!

Kimberly Austin
Nail Care

This course is planned out in a nice, easy way to learn. It gave me some other things to think about when it comes to cooperative care. I look forward to implementing it into our daily lives. 

Sharon + Owen
Nail Care

Before taking this course, I didn't think I would ever be able to trim my dog's nails at home. This was a constant source of stress for me, because he doesn't tolerate going to the groomers, and his nails grow very quickly and are difficult to maintain with a scratch board. About a month into the course, we finally started trimming his nails by ourselves. There's still some ways to go, but without a doubt I know we can get more and more comfortable with the process. This course gave me the knowledge and confidence to implement a training plan to help my dog feel safe while getting his nails done.

Nadia + Obe
Puppy Life Skills

The Puppy Life Skills course is a great resource for new puppy parents. It’s complete, easy to follow, and I find the Facebook Group for support is very useful. Katherine is wonderful in the instruction videos. I highly recommend it.

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