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Everyday Dog Enrichment

It is widely agreed among animal professionals that daily enrichment is essential for the overall well being of our animals. Exploring, scavenging and playing is part of our animal’s natural behaviours. The question is, is it not enough that we provide, food, water and shelter for them?

Most zoos, sanctuaries and animal shelters have enrichment programs for their residents in order to provide them with legal outlets for their natural behaviours. Many species spend the majority of their day hunting and foraging for food and dogs and cats are no exception. There is a wide variety of enrichment ideas to help keep our animals mentally fit and provide them with a way to use their natural behaviours in a way that does not bother us humans.

Here are some of out top enrichment ideas:


Everyone knows about kongs! If you don’t, I highly recommend looking into it! Kongs are rubber toys used to stuff food inside. You can find a wide range of recipes in order to keep your dog - even the most finicky, entertained!

Wet ingredient such as canned food, baby food, yogurt, broth or minced meat.

Dry ingredients such as treats or dry dog food