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Cutting Your Dog's Nails

It has been very clear to me that a lot of pet parents struggle with cutting their dog's nails. After recently posting a reel's on my Instagram, I started to receive dozens of messages and comments from people all over the world who were struggling with nails. So let's dive in!

First, keep in mind that nail care is a process. You probably won't be able to cut your dog's nails tomorrow, but what you do today, will help you and your dog in the future! It's all about patience.

"long nails risk getting caught on something and breaking!"

It's not a secret, nail care is important to your dog's overall wellbeing. Long and unkept nails are uncomfortable, they can change your dog's gait (how they walk), and left too long can actually grow into their paw pads. It's also important to mention that long nails risk getting caught on something and breaking! Trust me, I experienced this first hand with Harlow a few years ago. It wasn't pretty!

So how do you start the nail care process?

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Reading body language:

An extremely useful skill, reading dog body language is essential when it comes to nail care.