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Our top, life changing puppy tips!

Welcoming a new puppy into your home is so exciting! The big, floppy paws, the puppy breath and all that extra skin! What's not to love? I absolutely adore working with puppies, if I could, I would be a puppy nanny and take care of puppies all day! Every puppy is different. Sometimes you get the shy, maybe a little fearful puppy and it's so rewarding when they start coming out of their shell. There's the other extreme with the outgoing, fearless puppies who are ready to get out into the big ol' world! Either way, our training advice is the same across the board. It's important to start them off on the right foot and provide them with a foundation that will make living together so much easier.

Tip #1: Humane Training

Humane training methods means we do not use fear, force or pain while working with dogs. While some might have their reservations about using positive reinforcement, here's why I suggest it:

  • Humane training methods are just as effective as other methods in producing reliable results in training. How do we know? There was a study done on the effectiveness of different training methods and their impact on animal welfare. Owners had more positive ratings in their dog's obedience, when using positive reinforcement (without punishment)! (1)

  • In the same study, owner's using positive reinforcement also observed less problematic behaviour issues.

  • It's a great way to bond with your puppy! Using humane techniques are fun and enjoyable, not just for the dog but for us as well. It helps us focus on the positives of teaching our dogs, even when they do something we don't like. We can change potentially "bad" behaviour by teaching them something we like better!

Tip #2: Socialization Is Life Saving

The socialization period ends around 3-4 months old. During this time, puppies absorb all kinds of new information a