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The why, what and how of reactivity

Reactivity cases are probably more than half my clients. It is a common behaviour issue that many people experience with their dogs — specifically on leash. These dogs will bark, howl, growl and lunge when they see another dog or person. They are hard to handle and sometimes it takes — what seems like forever — for them to calm down.

As someone who lives with 3 reactive dogs, I understand how you feel. It’s frustrating, because, there is no reason for them to freak out, yet here we are. It’s embarrassing when our dog starts yelling to the top of their lungs when they see another dog. Some are afraid at how aggressive their dog looks. And one thing we can all agree on, it makes our walks so stressful.

Why do our dogs become reactive?

There are 2 big reasons why dogs are reactive. Understand it’s not so black and white but for the most part, it’s those 2 reasons.