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Are you Experiencing New Puppy Struggles?

Like the biting, house training and getting puppy comfortable with being alone…

…Or do you want to be proactive and set your puppy up for success?

You're E-Book is on the way!
Be sure to check your junk mail to download your FREE Puppy Biting guide!

Many behaviour issues are preventable in puppyhood with training and socialization

The problem?

The information we find on the web is often conflicting and does not align with our values.

You DIY some of the training but you don't feel confident that you doing everything right.

And you know puppy socialization is time sensitive but are not sure how to do it properly.


But don't worry, I got you covered!

Child Playing with Dog

Love from our students

Nancy + Jazz
Puppy Training

Like many we got a puppy during the pandemic... a BIG puppy, so we needed to start training sooner rather than later. Katherine at Dog Inspired has worked we me and my pup via Zoom and it has been SUPER helpful. Katherine models the behaviour with her dog and then she supervises me working with my pup and corrects as needed. She follows up promptly with written steps for the homework and is available by email outside of the sessions. All super easy, convenient and efficient

Alexa + Bella
Puppy Training

This course helped us out so much with Bella! We were able to go at our own pace, and really loved having the videos to guide us, but then the printable tools, resources to use for "homework" and progress tracking. Would 100% recommend, especially with the pandemic, we loved being able to do this all from the comfort of our home!

Nadia + Obe
Puppy Training

The Puppy Life Skills course is a great resource for new puppy parents. It’s complete, easy to follow, and I find the Facebook Group for support is very useful. Katherine is wonderful in the instruction videos. I highly recommend it.

I know how overwhelming puppies can be.

Harlow was a handful!


This isn't an understatement. By the time he was 11 months old, I was ready to re-home him. It's embarrassing to admit, but I know this feeling that a lot of people go through.


When I first brought Harlow home - this was before I was a dog trainer, I didn't have a clue on what to do. What should be priority? How to do it properly?

The worst part of going through this experience - as a dog trainer in training, I thought I didn't need the help.

I was wrong and I almost lost my dog over it.

If I could do it over again, I would have attended puppy class, went to puppy socials and worked one on one with a certified (and experienced) trainer to give me more guidance.

Let me save you from the mistakes I made.

Thankfully, I continued my studied, applied what I learned and Harlow is the best companion I could hope for!

Love from our students

Roxanne + Alyx
Nail Care

I took this course over a few months as I was busy (and also procastinating let's be honest) - i like that we can access this platform anytime for a few months and come back to where we left. We also get reminders of our progress so it can give us a little push to actually complete the course. The steps and videos are very simple so we can easily apply it at home and Katherine is available to answer questions too. I like the printable easy steps with each module.

Kristiana + Charlie
Nail Care

The Dog Inspired nail course has been a LIFE CHANGER for my dog, Charlie. He is a reactive dog, and since having him as a puppy, has had some traumatic experiences at the groomer’s. Before this course, I couldn’t even touch his paws. Now, his tail wags when I bring out his nail file and he’s even happy when I slip on his boots, which is something that seemed impossible before. Thank you so much!

Sharon + Owen
Nail Care

Before taking this course, I didn't think I would ever be able to trim my dog's nails at home. This was a constant source of stress for me, because he doesn't tolerate going to the groomers, and his nails grow very quickly and are difficult to maintain with a scratch board. About a month into the course, we finally started trimming his nails by ourselves. There's still some ways to go, but without a doubt I know we can get more and more comfortable with the process. This course gave me the knowledge and confidence to implement a training plan to help my dog feel safe while getting his nails done.

My name is Katherine Davidson. I am a certified and professional dog trainer.

Over the last 7 years of my career, I have completed many certification programs including

  • Graduated from the Academy For Dog Trainers

  • Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer

  • Puppy Start Right Instructor

  • And A Certified Fear-Free Trainer

I am all about learning everything I can to continue providing my clients with the best service possible!


You’ll learn how to:

✓ Set yourself up for success

(like ensuring your space is sufficiently puppy proofed!)

✓ Apply the training exercises to everyday life

(Sit, down and stay are all fun, but it's important to know how to use them in everyday life)

✓ Use positive, fear-free training techniques that you feel good about

(we are all about being effective and efficient!)

✓ Prevent fear, aggression and unwanted behaviours

(to raise a happy, confident puppy and live a long and happy life together!)

What's Inside

The Puppy Primer Coaching Package:

3 one hour virtual consultations with Katherine (value of $300)

Let me guide you through your puppy training journey. Giving you a personalized training plan and coach you through each of the exercises.


1 month of e-mail support (value of $99)

You will certainly have questions in between sessions. I offer e-mail support to answer your questions and ease any anxiety you might have about your puppy.


Bonus: Puppy Life Skills E-Book (value $19)

Our book is jam packed with information from bringing puppy home, biting, house training, building important skills and even leaving puppy alone. The book contains step-by-step training plans, checklists and guides.


Bonus: Puppy Life Skills Online Course (value of $99)

The course covers information from the book including tutorial videos and presentations.


Bonus: House training webinar (value of $17)

Looking for a jump start to house training your puppy? You will also get access to our house training webinar, a potty log and tutorial on how to teach your puppy to ring a bell!

Value of $534!

Get this coaching package while we still sell it at this insanely low price of


Copy of Shared Offer Cure - Digital-Horizontal Template.png

Puppy Primer Coaching Package

3 one hour consultations (value of $300)

Personalized training plans (priceless!)

1 month of e-mail support (value of $99)

Bonus: Puppy Life Skills E-Book (value $19)

Bonus: Puppy Life Skills Online Course (value $99)

Bonus: House Training 1-2-3 webinar (value of $19)


Total Value $534
Today’s price $255+tx

Are You Ready To Thrive With Your Puppy?

Time is of the essence, here’s why… puppy socialization is time sensitive. During this time in their development, they are much more willing to explore - an important quality for experiencing new things!


Boost your confidence in caring for and training your puppy with our coaching program. I am here to give you a personalized plan and guide you, every step of the way.

Ready to dive in? Let’s get started!


Copy of Shared Offer Cure - Digital-Horizontal Template.png

Puppy Primer Coaching Package

3 one hour consultations (value of $300)

Personalized training plans (priceless!)

1 month of e-mail support (value of $99)

Bonus: Puppy Life Skills E-Book (value $19)

Bonus: Puppy Life Skills Online Course (value $99)

Bonus: House Training 1-2-3 webinar (value of $19)


Total Value $534
Today’s price $255+tx

Have More Questions Before You Get Started?

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