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Puppy Socials

Supervised play sessions for puppies 8-16 weeks old

Puppy Socials In Laval

These are supervised play sessions for puppies 8-16 weeks old. During our session, puppies will have opportunities to practice their social skills with other puppies and people. We also practice socialization exercises such as introducing your puppy to new objects, textures and sounds. 

These sessions are a perfect addition to our group or private puppy training classes!

Not a Dog Inspired Puppy Class student? No worries, we're happy to have you!


Puppy Socials


  • 8-16 weeks old at the first class

  • Maximum of 6 puppies per session

  • First set of core vaccinations required

  • 1 x60 minute in-person session


1 session: $35


Off leash play and socialization exercises.


Café Arthur

880 Bd Arthur-Sauvé, Laval, QC

H7R 3V8, Canada

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