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Referral Program

For breeders, rescues, groomers and other industry professionals

Welcome to the Dog Inspired referral program! 

Many new puppy parents are raising a puppy for the first time, which can be challenging. It's challenging for them and also for those who care for them like you. If you are a veterinarian, groomer, breeder or rescue, our referral program will bring benefits to your programs.

Our Puppy Life Skills course covers a variety of puppy training topics including:

  • Body handling

  • Grooming

  • Basic life skills

  • Detailed socialization challenges

  • House training

  • Alone time training

  • And more


We offer you adoption packets and documents to give to your clients. They are packed with information on behaviour and training, everything they need to get started on the right track!

Why choose our referral program?

  • We are professional, certified instructors

  • Methods that are humane and force-free

  • We offer a variety of accessible services: 

    • Online dog training courses

    • Virtual consultations

    • E-books and training guides

  • Provide you with ready made handouts to give to adopters/clients

  • Discounts for your clients on our services

For more information about our program, please fill out the form below.

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