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New Year! New you and a happy dog!

New Year! New you and a happy dog!

Ringing in the new year means reflecting on the last year, celebrating successes and setting resolutions for change. Its time for a new you, let’s include your dog!

Here are a few suggestions of new year resolutions for you and your doggo!

1. More sniffaries!

Sniffaries are walks where your dog chooses where to go and how long to smell. Why? Because it’s actually so much fun! It’s a great way to let your dog be a dog and you may be surprised where you end up! For some, you probably won't go far. Your dog may love to snif

f and leave his own messages to the next dog who comes by. For others, you may discover a new walking route! The idea is to let go of the obedience stuff like heeling and let your dog explore!